I’m delighted to share the news that KPCC took home awards for all six of our EPPY nominations this year. I’m so proud of the work of all the talented individuals involved.

I don’t place much meaning in trophies, but these awards do mark a moment in time for KPCC - a kind of corner we have turned. When I joined KPCC in 2011, we were one among hundreds of public radio stations struggling to thrive in a digital world. Today, we consistently ship interesting and well-executed digital editorial features and products.

Big congrats to Bryan Ricker, Chris Keller, Jon White, Deepa Fernandes, Grant Slater, Mae Ryan, and Maya Sugarman. I’m honored to work with you.

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t link to the winning projects: AudioVision, Fire Tracker, Bilingual Learning, and KPCC.org.